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January 2010

New Food Grade Lubricants Combines Long Service Life, Safe High Load Capacity, Maximum Equipment Protection

Who benefits most from food safe lubricants?  Processors of poultry, meat and other foods using bolted chain or “logging chain” conveyors with high load-carrying capacity.

International Poultry Expo,  January 27, 2010.  Digilube Systems, a leading lubricant manufacturer and turnkey supplier of chain conveyor maintenance equipment, has introduced Ultra-Film FG, a unique chain safe lube that has been approved for incidental food contact per USDA/FDA section 21 CFR 178.3620 (6) and 21 CFR 172.878.

Ultra-Film FG (Food Grade) is a unique food grade chain lubricant formulated with a proprietary, synthetic non-petroleum based EP component, and white mineral oil bases.  Its multi-component additive lubrication was engineered specifically for the safe lubrication of food processing machinery. It provides superior resistance to galling in high-speed sliding environments.

Ultra-Film Food Grade lube has exceptionally high purity. Equally important, Ultra-Film Food Grade lubes provide superior safe lubrication and metal conditioning properties, and have high load carrying capacity.  Wear tests at 412,000 lbs. demonstrate the product’s ability to handle more than 20 times the loading in a bearing during operation.  Typical wear is a small fraction of what is experienced with straight white oil; chain life will be extended 3-4 times compared to chains that are lubricated with typical white oils.

Ultra-Film Food Grade lubricant is colorless, odor-free, and tasteless.  It is highly foam-resistant, and provides long-term oil protection of chains and bearings from rust, wear, and oxidation, even under extreme pressure or shock-loaded conditions.  Ultra Film Food Grade lubrication is fortified with a high molecular weight polymer for optimum high temperature performance and resistance to acids.  Its ISO range is 32-120.

Ultra Film Food Grade is a thin film oil lubricant that is precisely applied at the main wear points of individual chain links, and single and dual race trolleys - during production.  There is no need for line stoppage, or to wait for scheduled downtimes or cleaning cycles.  Its thin film formula also benefits users in that consumption is substantially less than with traditional, heavier products.  Ultra Film Food Grade lubricants will not drip, and excess lubricant does not have to be removed from rails and floors.

Ultra Film Food Grade lube has a unique chemistry that delivers a long service life without degradation and additive depletion.  Additive byproducts are dissolved and held in suspension, providing long-term lubricant stability, even when exposed to temperatures ranging from 20o to 500oF.  Its unique solvency means it will not lay down sludge and varnish – two problems common to traditional white oil-based lubricants.

Ultra Film Food Grade is ideal for conveyors, and any machinery used to process, package, or transport food for human consumption in open or partially-enclosed areas.

August 2004 - We are now a Master Distributor of conveyor cleaners for Schaefer Brush Manufacturing.

Click to read the text on the Ultra-Film FlyerOctober 2002 - Breakthrough lubrication technology with our NEW conveyor lubricant, called Ultra-Film, that contains no solids like moly disulfide (MOS2) or graphite and no heavy metals like zinc.

Better for the environment as less pollution is given off as a byproduct.  Much improved over competing thin film lubricants and our older conveyor lubricant formulas! View the datasheet.

View, download, or print this Acrobat pdf Ultra Film Flyer


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Airid, a trademark of Digilube Systems, offers several compressed air filtration systems with unique purify treatment collection filters that take smoke, dust, fumes, water moisture, oil, and dirty oily particles out of industrial air lines.  The inline coalescer filtration system extends service life and minimizes maintenance costs while the pneumatic piston pump eliminates compressed air loss and prevents costly drain valve malfunctions.



On January 1, 2000 we received our ISO 9002 Certification from the International Standards Organization.  ISO 9000 is becoming the global standard for entrance into foreign markets as well as the accepted standard for assured growth and stability in current domestic markets.

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An online article from Dave Hamilton, President of Digilube Systems, on ideas to consider when selecting industrial lubricant for a powder coating operation.

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