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Refillable Lubrication Equipment!

Electro-Luber MD 2000 is an automatic electronic lubricant / grease dispenser giving ball bearings lubrication 24-hour protection.  High temp grease in various sizes available in Nitrogen Gas and Motor Driven units as electroluber automatic grease dispensers.

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Automatic Electroluber MD Lubricator:
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Benefits of the Electro-Luber MD 2000 Single Point Automatic Lubricator

Two methods for automatically dispensing the lubricant and grease on ball bearings -- Reusable Motor driven units and the electro-chemical cell that generates inert nitrogen gas (See page 3a at the bottom).    View our Electro-Lube brochure in Acrobat pdf format.

The Automatic Motor Driven Units are available in: 125cc (8 3/4" high x 3 1/6" diameter), 250cc (8 1/2" high x 4" diameter), and 500cc (8 1/2" high x 4 3/4" diameter) sizes.  View / print installation instructions for motor driven Electrolubers in Acrobat PDF 318k file format.

You select settings to dispense contents as quickly as 15-days or as long as two years.

Both Alkaline and Lithium battery packs are available.  (Alkaline only recommended for use in 50 - 85 F (-10 - 30 C).

Electro-Luber MD units can be used underwater to depths of 60 ft. (20 meters).

Designed as single point lubricators or to feed multiple ball bearings using progressive distribution blocks from Digilube.


To ensure success and reliability, do not use Electro-Luber MD automatic grease dispensers in temperatures below 14 F (10 C), above 170 F (76 C), or in an application requiring more than 200 psi.

If possible, install the Electroluber MD directly on the bearing.  All MD units have 1/2" NPT threads and come with a brass adapter (1/4" or 1/8" NPT outlet).  Steel adapters can be substituted for brass; stainless steel available for a nominal extra charge.

Units are pre-filled with the lubricant you specify.

Refilling is accomplished using a standard grease gun.

Operating Principal For The Motor Driven Units

The Electro-Luber MD 2000 is a self-contained, microprocessor controlled, motor-driven automatic lubricator.  The MD 2000 unit is not a pressure vessel, as it does not operate by producing gas.  Instead, operation of the lubricator depends upon the use of minor internal pressure forcing lubricant into the threads of a unique rotating auger pump.  This mixes and dispenses the lubricant at pressures up to 200 psi.  This pressure allows the MD 2000 to be used with long feed line pipework, and it can even cycle progressive distributors allowing one MD 2000 to feed several bearings.  When one or a combination of selector switches are turned on, the unit will activate at selected intervals.  At each interval, approximately 1cc of grease will be delivered to the bearing.  The grease output is not affected by temperature or altitude.

Switch Settings and Lube Dispensing

For additional information, please print the MD color brochure.

Electro-Luber MD 2000 Settings


Full two-year warranty from date of purchase with the exception of the power supply or misuse!


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