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Automatic Grease Dispensers

Electro-lube dispenser on a Car Wash Bush Bearing

Electrolube system on a Conveyor Take-Up

Electrolube dispensers on an Amusement Ride

Electro-lube dispenser on a Potash Conveyor


Digilube Systems is proud to be a Distributor and Filling Station for ATS Electro-Lube which manufactures the industry’s best performing point of use automatic lubricators. The lube solutions are reliable, safe, and labor-saving alternatives to manual lubrication, for single or multiple lube points by using the progressive distribution blocks. The lubers can provide up to two full years of continuous lubrication and can be mounted nearly anywhere, including remote setups as much as 30’ from the lubrication point. With the full line of self-contained automatic lubrication products, you’re sure to find the perfect lube solution for your application.

  • Electro-Luber ™ - Original Nitrogen Gas Unit; Non-Refillable

  • Ultimate Luber ™ - Motor Driven Unit; Refillable with Grease Gun; Options - Battery or Electrical

  • Titan CL Luber ™ - Motor Driven Unit; 1 Refillable Standard Grease Cartridge; Options - Battery or Electric

  • Titan II CL Luber ™ – Similar As Titan CL Luber Other Than Width Size As It Has 2 Refillable Standard Grease Cartridges; Options - Battery or Electric

  • Titan Oiler 2000 ™ – Motor Driven Unit; Refillable; Options - Battery or Electrical

  • Jack Luber ™ - Motor Driven Unit; Refillable with Replacement Cartridge

We also offer a wide range of accessories to enhance the performance of our point of use lubricators.


The original Electro-Luber is certified intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

Also certified by MSHA aid Energy, Mines Canada for use in mining. ATEX (Atmosphere Explosible) certified units are also available.

The Ultimate Series, the Titan Series and the Jack Luber have all been certified by UL/CUL to meet the following OSHA requirements:

  • Class I Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D

  • Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G

  • Class III hazardous sites


ATS Ultimates, Titans and Jack Lubers conform to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX directive 94/9/EC) addresses requirements of equipment used in areas where there is a danger of explosion.) and ATEX Standard I.S. EN 60079-15:2005

Continuous lubrication grease protection for most fittings - 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.  Complete our Quote Request Page if you would like a quote on any Electro-Lube multi or single point lubricator system.


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